Total Productive Maintenance

Starting Date
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3.200.000 VND
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2.800.000 VND
8h30 - 11h30 & 13h30 - 16h30

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Program's message

In each organization, the activities to improve production quality and efficiency are always the top priority of the managers. How to build an effective quality and productivity management system and how to maintain these activities are always the concern of managers. Understanding the difficulties of businesses, PACE School of Production Management (a member of PACE Institute of Management) has designed the program "Total Productive Maintenance _ TPM" that both guarantees theory and practice to solve problems. The advantages of the subject are:

  • Identify waste and solutions for the production process;
  • Build autonomy of individual in the organization;
  • Build, implement, and maintain a chain of activities that are valuable to the organization;
  • Improve an awareness of quality for everyone.

Program's information

After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of implementing the TPM;
  • How to organize implementation and maintenance of TPM activities;
  • Increase awareness of value chain and waste;
  • Awareness of Kaizen and 6S in factory.

Program's content

1. TPM Overview

  • What is TPM?
  • TPM history;
  • Objectives of the TPM;
  • Benefits of TPM activities;
  • Barriers of TPM implementation.

2. The pillars of the TPM

  • Autonomous Maintenance;
  • Focused Improvement;
  • Planned Maintenance;
  • Early Management;
  • Training and Coaching;
  • Quality Maintenance;
  • General Office Maintenance;
  • Safety, Health and Environment, SHE.

3. TPM Implementation

  • Establish a TPM committee;
  • Writing procedures for TPM activities;
  • Preliminary assessment of the plant's TPM;
  • Training and Coaching;
  • Identify waste;
  • Guidance on autonomous maintenance;
  • Guidelines for Planning and Implementation of Maintenance;
  • Identify waste;
  • Kaizen activities;
  • 6S activities.

Opening courses

Total Productive Maintenance
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