PACE Institute of Management is highly respected for the pioneer work through empowering businesses in their management and developing leaders at all levels so that businesses can grow strongly in local and global markets.

PACE is well known for a comprehensive global partner system focus on management with eight affiliated schools (specializing in the fields of management, including general management, HR management, financial management, marketing management, sales management, production management, supply chain management, and project management), eight member companies (specializing in eight management areas), and eight global partners (the world’s leading organizations in different management areas).

Since the establishment, PACE’s mission has been to develop high-performance leaders and certified professionals for business and society.

To achieve its mission, PACE focuses on the following core services in management field: (1) PACE Training, (2) PACE Consulting, and (3) PACE Books.

In addition, since 2007 PACE has also initiated and managed PACE Non-Profit Organizations (PACE NPO) including a number of not-for-profit educational initiatives to realize PACE’s mission in comprehensive and impactful ways, including IPL Scholarship, OpenEdu Initiative, GoodBooks Project, Book Awards, and OneBook.

With more than 20 years of experience in developing leaders and professionals for business and society, and with the first and unique global partner system of management in Vietnam, PACE provides powerful and applicable solutions to help leaders and their teams address important issues of businesses at all levels.

3 PACE’s Core Activities in Management Field:

(1) PACE Training;
(2) PACE Consulting;
(3) PACE Books;