“Developing high-performance leaders
and professionals for business and society.” - PACE’s Mission -

PACE Institute of Management is highly respected for pioneer work through empowering businesses in their management and developing leaders at all levels so that businesses can grow strongly in local and global markets.

PACE is well known for a global ecosystem of management with 8 affiliated schools (specializations in the field of management, including general management, HR management, financial management, marketing management, sales management, production management, supply chain management, and project management), 7 member companies (specializing in management areas), and 9 global partners (the world’s leading organizations in management areas).

PACE’s mission is “to develop high-performance leaders and professionals for business and society.”

To achieve its mission, PACE focuses on the following areas: (1) PACE Training; (2) PACE Consulting; (3) PACE Books; (4) PACE Research; and (5) PACE Conference.

In addition, since 2007 PACE also has initiated and managed PACE NPP including several not-for-profit educational projects to realize our mission in an overall and sufficient way, such as IPL Scholarship, OpenEdu Initiative, GoodBooks Project, Book Awards, and OneBook. Read more >> 

With 20 years of experience in developing leaders and professionals for business and society, PACE has offered more than 110 training programs, with thousands of courses, for more than 200,000 leaders and professionals of companies operating in Vietnam, and Vietnamese senior government officers at both central and provincial levels. Read less >> 




After the “Open door” policy was enacted by Vietnam’s government in the 1980s, the Vietnamese business society began to emerge at the dawn of the 21st century. These new economic reforms, particularly the Enterprise Law implemented in 2000, opened business opportunities for Vietnamese to enter into industries that were once restricted to them. As a result, enterprises quickly grew in quantity. However, as a young business society, many entrepreneurs and business leaders suffered lack of knowledge and capacity in leadership, management and other areas. This limited capacity tended to hinder their business sustainable development and competition with the rest of the world.

From this context, PACE was established in 2001 as the first business training school in Vietnam with the aspiration to deepen the business and management capacity of Vietnamese business leaders, and particularly to foster a new spirit, new values and new mindsets for a new Vietnamese business society. PACE provides business leaders and entrepreneurs with well-proven theories, knowledge, skills, and international standards, thereby helping them to grow their companies in a competitive and sustainable way. Subsequently, PACE has expanded its activities to enhance business knowledge, develop human resources, and talents for Vietnam. Thus, PACE is regarded as a pioneer for business education for the emerging generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Vietnam who are ready to seize the new opportunities of a growing market not only nationally, but also globally.




With an aspiration to link Vietnam with the world's greatest minds to advance business practices and ethics, PACE has brought the world's most prominent thought leaders to Vietnam. Many international seminars have been organized with participation of business leaders from diverse sectors and government officials to learn and share important ideas on pressing matters that impact the business community in the country and beyond.


Business Knowledge Handbook

This is a resource center offering the
 essential knowledge of management and
articles from PACE and the world's
 leading thinkers.


“Business Knowledge Bookshelf”
includes must-read books that PACE Books
selects, translates and publishes for
Vietnamese business leaders.


This Forum provides a platform for leaders and professionals to share and reflect on important issues. Forum’s Speakers are leading scholars & experts.


A not-for-profit educational project
founded by PACE and almost 100 of
Vietnam’s most prominent
intellectuals in 2007.