Effective Teamwork Skills

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1.800.000 VND
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1.500.000 VND
08h30-11h30 & 13h30-16h30

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Program's message

According to a Harvard Business Review survey with recruitment professionals working at large corporations, the effectiveness of corporate’s human resources management depends not solely on individual’s technical competency, rather, competency requirements for workforce of these companies are shifted to “T model”, which implies both “deep” and “wide” competencies. 

Therefore, to maximize one’s potential in workplace, employees must possess both technical competencies and the abilities to collaborate effectively with others, most importantly, the Teamwork spirit. This competency addresses thought-provoking questions for almost every company, which are:

Why the organizational effectiveness seems to be limited despite having a great deal of seasoned engineers, technicians and analysts, etc.?

Why are there some employees with excellent technical competencies yet to be trusted by their superiors?

To help equip participants the competence of collaborating effectively with other colleagues in a complex environment, PACE would introduce the training program named "Effective Teamwork Skills".

Program's information


The program is designed exclusively for: 

  • Organizational Leaders and Managers
  • Functional, Departmental Managers
  • Team Members or Individuals who demand to develop and improve themselves to cooperate successfully with others
  • This program is not recommended for students and whoever with limited working experience


Upon successfully completing the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance and necessity of improving teamwork competency in modern business environment;
  • Understand one’s Teamwork Competency Index and the current strengths and weaknesses of working with managers and colleagues;
  • Understand the principles, process and methodology to improve the Teamwork effectiveness by improving the Teamwork Competency Index.


To improve the effectiveness of training delivery and application:

Program's content

Part I. Why needs Teamwork?

- Difficulties and Challenges of Modern Business Environment;

- The Significance of Teamwork – An Urgent Need for Change;

- Our Roles and Responsibilities – Overcoming one’s obstacles.

Part II. Fundamental Elements of Teamwork

- The Purpose, Meaning and Value of Teamwork;

- Teamwork Spirit & Golden Principles;

- The must-be-avoided Traps and Mistakes in Teamwork;

Part III. Developing Teamwork Spirit

- Understand current Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Initiating Teamwork & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Individual Roles in Team & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Bonding Team Members & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Creating Team’s Working Momentum & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Accelerating Teamworking & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of Maintaining Teamworking Speed & Plan of Improving Teamwork Competency Index;

- Principle of the Root of Team’s Power;

- From “Teamwork Spirit” to “Teamwork Culture”.

Part IV. Wrap-up & Action Planning for Improving Teamwork Competency Index

- Wrap-up of Teamwork Spirit in Modern Business Environment;

- Action Planning for participants and their colleagues to build their team’s/organization’s long-lasting “Teamwork Culture”.

Part V. Program Closing

Opening courses

Effective Teamwork Skills
Starting Date: 23/08/2022 (in HCMC)
Effective Teamwork Skills
Starting Date: 03/07/2022 (in HCMC)
Live Online
Effective Teamwork Skills
Starting Date: 02/08/2022 (in Live Online)

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