The Middle management in a halfway position of all, higher than normal but the staff does not really hold a lot of organizational power. Ability to manage people must be accompanied by major professional ability, they just have to do our part well, moderately support the lower-level colleagues.

Real data of the study suggesting that mid-level management, has the ratio of depression and high anxiety over their subordinates and superiors. So how can a "commander" of talent, how to optimize the ability of the team members? This more than affliction, which is the goal that the middle management must overcome. There are 3 things that the middle management to remember and perform continuously to make breakthroughs in their work.


1. Align personal passion with the company’s mission

In middle management, you usually have little authority when it comes to setting an organization’s overall direction, mission, and goals, but, nonetheless, you’re expected to motivate both yourself and your team.

The mid-level management needs to grasp the value of ourselves as well as to understand the Organization's values to connect together. Blend capabilities and middle management needs of enterprises making the bond as well as motivational for both parties. As well as to the Middle Management, evoke the passion associated with the objectives of the company not only help themselves but also to promote the junior partner completed the assigned work.

2. Re-define the content of work

As an employee, complete the assigned work and be responsible for the task or project, it was enough. No need to bother thinking about other problems, just do it right, do enough, do good in limited work is getting encouragement from superiors. But all that is only when an employee.

When a Middle management, not just the professional issues, their responsibilities also included further regulate human and automated job list table are more the result of the other members. Pressure multiplied many times over when was middle management. The result of a group, a unit is calculated on the results of Management. At this moment, there will not be full of sweet praise but also criticism from heavy higher levels. The result is no longer own that is collective and the success of middle-level management.

3. Create value

A person in a job with high demands but little decision-making liberties is likely to be more prone to dissatisfaction and mental strain. Mid-level managers often lack the positional authority to set an organization’s vision or change course on a strategy but are still held responsible for the end results. The workaround here come from the people themselves middle management.

They must be aware of is the main ideology and strategic direction of the company understood to be the vision of the upper level. Proactively propose and make up their own voice. Impressed by the especially high adaptability in the work. More important is to communicate effectively with all levels of leadership. This not only contributes to creating more insight about the organization it also brings new opportunities to the mid-level management.

There will be no job is easy, no success would come with each order. There will be no perfection in our work, to accept it, in harmony with it to create big change.

                                                      Source Themuse

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