CPO (Chief Production Officer), who is responsible for production activities take place as planned, based on the production capacity of existing enterprises and partners in the supply chain to meet strict requirements on product quality.

The job of Chief Production Officer is not limited to the operation of the production system but also link with other departments to operate the apparatus takes place in a more systematic way.

But, while Wolfgang Rauch (CPO at pharmaceutical firm Novartis), he was a commercial apprentice at a firm in Germany, several emergencies in the procurement department in one day led to him being asked to join the supply management team. This was the starting point of his career, which became a life-long passion.

1. Stay relevant.

We all know that what got us to today will not get us into the future. This is the motto that continuously reminds me of one key question: how to stay relevant for the business as a function in three or five years from now? What should we focus on? With this in mind, we have launched the Procurement 2022 agenda under the theme of being bold and relevant for our business stakeholders.

We aim to continue being deeply integrated into the business, to have a clear understanding of the business priorities and continuously play the role of the business’s strategic advisor, helping it in achieving its priorities and solving problems in all kinds of areas.

2. Become a business partner.

We’ve got the right skills and capabilities to become true business partners and to achieve the optimal agility of the team. Over the last three years, we consolidated procurement as part of Novartis Business Services, leveraging skills and the scale of the organization, building global category organizations and strategic centers in five locations all over the world.

One of the biggest success stories to share is that we do have a seat at the table on all functional and/or finance leadership teams and we have the ability to run programmes across the corporation that are sponsored by the executive committee and even have their direct involvement. And we have created a culture where team members are not afraid but are highly encouraged to say “no” to things and tasks that are not important for the business and our internal customers.

3.  Focus on the right things.

I think that CPOs should focus on three major areas.

First, they should drive a mindset of business partnering, sitting on functional leadership teams, understanding business imperatives and be acting as strategic advisors.

The second aspect is making sure that the organization works with the right external partners, who are able to bring not just productivity to the business but are also capable of activating top line growth through innovation. Such relationships should have strategic plans that are co-owned and incentives to maximize results.

The third focus should be on partnering with the best external capabilities in areas where we may not be the experts.

CPOs are perfectly positioned to design and implement new operating models that can open new channels of innovation by collaborating with start-ups.

 4. Understand the power of technology.

The application of science and technology, especially high technology in industrial production to add value, create products with high competitiveness are an indispensable way to catch up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

However, investment in the high-tech industry requires huge resources. Therefore, solving this problem is not just rely on the role of executive producer or director of the business but also the hands of the whole business.

The job of a product manager is a very challenging job but also full of glory. Today, whether large enterprise-scale manufacturing giant or production company with a smaller scale, the problem of production management in which the role of production manager is always placed on the highest. Those who make this industry successful is usually very passionate people, they work very hard, working selflessly for their passion and creativity.

This is a routine work in an environment exposed to risky, sometimes very much unexpected circumstances force them always in a state of perfect calm to solve them. A right attitude and upright but still skillfully makes production manager always successful in all circumstances.

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