Startup today tend to receive more attention from the business world as well as the public. However, not anyone starts a business also were successful and achieved outstanding achievements. Particularly in the fact that many entrepreneurs have faced many business mistakes led to pay for their shortcomings, even at the cost, many times can draw lessons for themselves.

Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO) once said: "The genius and magic are not the factors necessary for success, but instead is a scientific process everyone can grasp, follow. The Lean Startup methob contains many important lessons for everyone on the road to conquer new things mysteriously forward, regardless of medium scale entrepreneurs or already a big business".

1. What is the Lean Startup?

Lean Startup is method very effective for those who have and are starting a business focused on being able to market products minimalist quickly, along with measuring and improving the level.


Say simply, the Lean Startup makes Startup a simple and efficient from the process and how to help people who are starting a business process management of their activities.

If the model startup-traditional, from a new idea, possesses outstanding team, technology "summit" to work together to do business planning, analysis, and market intelligence to create a product Is perfection possible. But after the market launch, most fail from the first day, because they did not know the processes required to turn vision as a target after taking the product to the customer. According to some statistical data in the US, in 10 start-ups, only one person is able to be temporarily successful.

Startup success is not the result of good genes or appearance of right time, right where startup success is being able to control by following the correct procedures. This means that it can be learned, the means can also be communicated from one person to another.

In 2004, a group of founders started a new company called IMVU desire to establish communication with the trend of a new technology called avatars. This is the technology that users can connect with friends, chat online, but the identity remains confidential. Mr. Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup) was a co-founder, Chief Technology Officer of the company. He said that the biggest challenge at the time was the technique, instead of taking several years to complete the technology, they built a viable product at a minimum for whatever product was still unsettled many shortcomings. Then the company introduced the product to customers before it is perfected. And while certainly the first customers, the company conducting product changes constantly, faster than the standard model of the traditional lot.

In the process of improving product quality, they listen to customer feedback, from which to build further the process of upgrading the product so that the perfect time. If we follow the traditional business thinking, this approach is not effective but the fact is the opposite. The main method that IMVU use has become the basis for a new business movement worldwide. It formed a lot of experience in management and product development ideas ahead, including lean manufacturing, design ideas, expand customer and develop quickly. It represents a new approach in order to create continuous improvement, called Lean Startup.


2. The Influence of Lean Startup?

All the investment in terms of both money and time that failed to deliver value to the customer are considered waste.

Basically startup as a catalyst for transforming ideas into products. Every time customers interact with products they will create a feedback loop Build - Measure - Learn. This loop is the core of lean startup model. It is more important than money or other values ​​because it will influence and shape the product range of the latter.

Thus the model Lean Startup instead of trying to build a product with full functionality for a while cherished lasted for many considerations, the entrepreneur should be picking out one or a few key features most radical and complete it. Products are created at this stage is called MVP (Minumum Viable Product) by the goal of MVP is to start the learning process and its aim is to test hypotheses in business. If a successful entrepreneur can start the next step of the project involves experimenting with new customer groups, additional manpower for the next version. Soon the company's products will be continuously improved and more new customer set.

Source The Lean Startup

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