Business startups are an administrator, in fact, a start-up company will be a collection of many different activities from the production of products, improve product and marketing to manufacturing processes and challenges for the originator now balance all her activities. But reality shows that even the smallest businesses also face the challenge of the moderate support existing clients while trying to improve things. And the illustrious enterprises still face investment needs to be improved, if not obsolete.

Which targets the majority of startups is finding the right things to build - what customers want, and are willing to pay for - as quickly as possible. Lean Startup that is a new direction, it focused on the development of innovative products, emphasis on high-speed loops and customer thinking, a big vision, and huge ambition. This method shows the difference between the value creation activities and operational waste, and how to put quality into the product from the inside out.

1. Lean Startup to Value

Mrs. Tran Thien Tra - Director Ariska - unit in cooperation with the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City organize contest streamlined with products handmade, commented that: "Lean startup method necessary for the start-up because this is a flexible model to help business people can adjust and improve time to adapt to the economy is more volatile”.

By comparison with traditional entrepreneurs usually think of ideas, to plan and find a partner, then put all savings to create products and ultimately sell products. Of course the plan "vague" like this will bring a lot of risks, the results nearly 90% of entrepreneurs are experiencing failure or bankruptcy.

Partly due to mistakes when choosing the form of business development of a company has been in operation, has products, while they do not have to be a businessman, owner of a small business.

Issues entrepreneurs face when build a business is the lack of understanding of the consumer, but their trust in products and services they produce are too big, many people always believe succeed. The fact that only 10% of those who have confidence in the product, your service is successful, the remaining 90% failed.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need a more effective method to build successful businesses. Lean Startup helps entrepreneurs confidence to face and overcome the biggest challenge: understanding the market, an important factor most contributing to entrepreneurs to success or failure, rather than capital, management skills or other causes.

2. Lean Startup how effective?

Lean startup is the new business methods, was more business start-world application. Especially in economies with current fluctuations, Lean startup method is considered a safe business for the first startup but still preferable if they had a business.

Rather than take 6 months or 1 year to realize its products do not match, the start-up just 2 weeks to get an answer. Thus only 30% consume a maximum estimated amount of investment in the first year and not so clean capital loss.

With this approach, entrepreneurs will draw model Business Model Canvas (a tool for building business models designed by Dr. Alexander OSTERWALDER) on paper, then every day to change to suit the actual market.

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