Where does your company stand on customers? Does the voice of the customer make its way up the executive level and influence strategic direction? Companies need a director specializing in customers as well as promoting business strategy or not?

If don’t know or have had concerns regarding these important questions, then it might be time to consider adding a chief customer officer (CCO) to your C-Suite.

CCO's job is not only to manage and coordinate all the work and the entire apparatus relating to customers and operations consume products according to the business strategy of the company and under the direct leadership of General Manager Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). But they must strive to build a sales strategy to convince potential and leadership to implement his strategy.

Therefore it can be said CCO role is very important and challenging because they are also contributing factors affecting the company and its customers. And this is also the important characteristics that contribute to a successful business manager.


Above all else, the CCO must have leadership skills, including the ability to influence others. Confronted with limited resources and some skepticism it is critical that the CCO be action oriented, have analytic skills to evaluate data, make conclusions, and turn them into programs.
Negotiating agreement on initiatives requires good listening skills; solutions must be collaboratively developed in order to ensure buy-in across the organization. The CCOs’ advocacy for the consumer must be unwavering. Putting the customer front and center while balancing fiscal responsibility will keep the CCO focused on his/her mission.

To distinguish the Chief Customer Officer is not the owner or majority of customers but that is the whole company. Chief Customer Officer who just made plans, prognosis, evaluation ... but these things can be successful or not depends on the leadership and the other department director.


When asked what experience a CCO should possess, one of the most successful CCOs stated that: “Understanding of business, especially operations, its greatest “asset”. It gives credibility and the ability to identify opportunities for customer improvements. Often organizations promote the “head of customer service” into the CCO role and while that individual may know customer service it is only a small part of creating a customer centric organization”.

There is a paradox today is, many people are making the majority of the management rather than a professional CCO. Why have the Chief Customer Officer always leisurely but still steady business development, but the reverse has “wrestled” CCO from morning to night, but the company still always within struggling. A CCO exceptional knows how to identify future opportunities and strategies to capture opportunities that, rather than just focus on the work of professional management.

Personality and Fit

A critical criterion for CCOs is personality and how it fits within the culture or the desired culture of the organization.

At the executive level of the corporation, CCOs must be able to leave their egos at the door. Collaboration with colleagues and department heads and the ability to influence them will be critical to success.

Chief Customer Officer is always good to know how to learn from the experience of ourselves and of others, always set higher goals for themselves. In addition to the expert knowledge to have, they are also a psychologist, a coach market to maximize the ability, the strength of each of its employees.

Source Customerthink

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