When an entrepreneur starts a business, probably the last thing they think about is the culture they are going to create within it. But this culture has great power or not depends on the operating system and the way the "lead" of leadership.

The business concept, the underlying technology, the great idea are usually what becomes the underpinning foundation that births the business but to sustain the long-term development of this subject or business culture can see it is the soul of business.

Lonnie Sciambi (advisor, author, speaker) shared that: “The way that our parents parenting is from the way that they are inherited. They often impose and manage the children according to what they thought was right. Similar to the way corporate executives, each employee is always subject to pressure by the level above, and most of all situations are quite rigid and negative. The leaders need to acknowledge the problem and fix them as quickly as possible because this threatens the sustainability of the business.


I was barely 27 years old and running an IT company that I had started for a major conglomerate. One day, early on, it dawned on me, that every major decision I made was setting policy for the company. Every action I was taking was being viewed by the employees as the way we should behave as an organization. I was, literally crafting a culture. The nature of the enterprise culture is internal to enhance potential, encourage them to create more profit for the business. Only years later, when I started my first business, did I really understand that I had the opportunity to create a company that not only made money but stood for something is enterprise culture.

The cultural factor is always formed in parallel with the development of the business. Corporate culture is the culture of an organization so that it is not merely the culture of communication or business culture, it also is not the slogan of leadership are hanging in front or in the meeting rooms. That it consists of a combination of elements: values, beliefs, norms, behaviors.

And what every entrepreneur must face at some point is the need to create a business culture for their organization. An effective corporate culture creates an environment conducive to the development of staff in particular and the organization in general. If employees work in an environment where fun, be respected, trusted and felt proud to be a part of the business results of our best expectations, but not the leader would also do so.


The core of enterprise culture is enterprise spirit and viewpoints of business value. So can speak again to the culture as the soul of the business. Also if said basically: If the business is a computer, the corporate culture is the operating system.

It should reflect the values of the owner(s) and/or the vision of the kind of company the owner(s) want to create.

Build the business must be based on a foundation of trust and mutual respect, where the value of nature is encouraged. Many leaders had made a mistake when imposing the culture which does not evoke the perception of staff with cultural values. If no explanation is detailed cultural values system of enterprises has nothing with the Organization's internal, inevitable in any form is the only deployment movement. A question was posted that, so the value is reasonable and the value would be unreasonable? This depends a lot on each separate organization.

When the leaders want to build enterprise culture should be done as soon as possible. Today the culture in an organization has gradually advanced to the highest degree, become a very valuable thing, which from generation to generation always learn and follow

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