In today’s dynamic business environment, the one thing that should be of constant importance is the value of the customer as the lifeline of any organization. However, the issue that caused much headache leaders is very difficult to build confidence and exploiting customer demand. Since then, many companies recognize the importance as well as reorient their business activities. So the business manager role is very important in the company.

A good business manager who knows the right choice at the right time, time to apply new business methods, reducing costs but still give high results.

Jeanne Bliss - who is regarded as a pioneer opened the role of chief customer officer shared with Corinium about why a company needed a good business manager.

1. Chief Customer Officer - who are they?

The customer is always right - has always been so. Thus, the CCO role is very important in any company. They are the people in the top management team, with the ability to design and improve customer service.

The role of CCO since 2014 has gradually changed the development, especially in economic downturns. From the customer care of small businesses, has become the company's strategy.

At many companies, they have many different titles. The name depends on the corporate culture and type of business, but it still carries duties and similar roles. More interesting thing is, if you develop the role and functions of a marketing director, this person can also become a CCO or can operate in parallel to the development of customers and will have. But it is the company's own problems, depending on the circumstances and their size.

Also the role of CCO as a bridge between companies and customers, from the needs of customers that the company will know which product best suited to them.

It’s important to recognize that this is not about customer ownership…the CCO is not the owner but the enabler of having one company perspective, uniting the leadership team and embedding competencies.

2. The company contributed to the success of the CCO

Jeanne Bliss confided that: "You know I think the first is, and it’s interesting because most people take on this role and don’t realize that the most critical thing that a CCO must do is unite the leadership team. So they sometimes think of this work as catalysts, auxiliary links substance rather than primary material as CEO or CHRO, such thinking makes people assume this position feels not respected, gradually making their work behavior no longer enthusiastic as originally. She also commented further: “So, according to my personal assessment, it can be said is the first hurdle when anyone assumes this role. The leaders should also consider "code of conduct" within the company, each role will have specific expertise and individual important, do not a contradictory mix of related positions. Not a customer who wants access to companies that do not close and no unity”.

3. Can anyone become a CCO?

Each product or service that the company produces are successful or not it all depends greatly on CCO. In addition to the management and coordination of all work as well as the entire steamer machines related to customers, then the duty on the product sales of the company must also be CCO operating a scientific and intelligent way.

Suggesting that this position is quite under pressure and tough but understanding that they will know how to enjoy the fun at work. Itself has been doing many business directors have learned to "satisfied with the work" and since then everything will be resolved much more gently. The main difficulty will help business manager must find a way to learn, I work out to pass and receive many valuable experiences from "business".

4. The situation needed CCO

Customers gradually leave: If leaders realize the company is slowly losing those customers familiar should find out the reason why: because of the staff? due to the quality of the product? due to multiple competitors? or due to the economic situation fluctuates?...so many answers to this question. Therefore, to maintain the company needs to solve the problems that if not effectively let discuss with CCO to try to change the model to see evolution better than not.

Business strategy constantly changing: A company when constantly changing business strategy will make customers feel "vague" about the products and services, not only that simultaneously makes employees disoriented and bewildered. Agree to chase the market is good, but do not accidentally forget the vision at the beginning of the company, create products or services do not differ. If the company, in this case, the enterprises need to find CCO to select a reasonable business model, bring solutions to improve the current situation. A good manager will define the “better integrate”.

Competitors formidable: A market there will be many competitors, but the most dangerous are the opponents they will learn defective products company that quickly updated to market other products better but cost lower.

Source Corinium

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