Clare Donald – Ogilvy’s Chief Production Officer, have shared why this production back to get more interest?

Clare, she identified themselves as very lucky to have the chance to work in some areas of the industry the best in the past and eventually, she became a member of the senior management at Ogilvy along Charlie Rudd, Mick Mahoney, and Kevin Chesters.

“I work in production.  I understand that the experience of the time that I worked every company, every field such as advertising, film negatives, or even in Google. The workplaces that help me think the better shape and know the advantages and disadvantages of this profession in the future. And now when the Chief Production Officer at Ogilvy, with a new role in modern networks, I feel that the role of the CPO needs to be clarified and thoroughly by the contributions of Chief Production Officer not merely the decisions or the management of the production team, but also help shape and develop a vision of the business objectives", Clare said.

Clare said there are 3 important things that contribute to the importance of today's CPO:

Firstly, the proliferation of deliverables. When Clare started in this business, agencies produced TV, print, and radio.  She said: “I don’t need to list the media options that have evolved since 1990 but suffice to say the total number of content platforms has risen to over 400.   And the amount of content we produce has grown exponentially as a result.  Producers are critical to this explosion – the connectors who can either adapt existing methods to fit new deliverables or create new ways of getting stuff made are key”.


Secondly, clients are demanding more of production solutions. Most agencies have responded by creating some kind of in-house offering, where the lower-budget, simpler content asks can be solved.  Clearly, clients still demand the highest quality, and so producers have had to turn their hands to running very effective and efficient businesses while retaining the high standards of creative work their chief creative officers demand. Through the if the manufacturer tries to run under the same trend with quality assurance, advanced standards will inevitably create products attract customers very much helped bring high profits. Therefore, enterprises should be commercialized customer's thoughts and vision of the business.

Thirdly, the way a production brain is wired is absolutely critical to a modern advertising environment. From the Harvard Business Review to Entrepreneur.com and Business News Daily, the characteristics deemed key to business success in employees today are inherent to producers is CPO. Businesses should consider, weigh, evaluate whether the CPO in an organization have sufficient qualifications and experience to solve most of the problems occur in production as well as have enough "good" to the same policy leadership, planning for the future or not?


According to research results, a good CPO is a convergence: communication skills and relationship builders; flexible problem solvers; jugglers of tasks and time; big picture planners with 3D mapping brains; resilience; and "reinventing" development.

Ogilvy’s CPO Clare Donald feels that: “The agency’s recent success has been about empowering a department, now more relevant and needed than it’s ever been. I am proud to say that today's CPO position is very important. It's about putting the producers up to a new platform”. Clare agrees that there’s no doubt that while Ogilvy, Grey London, and A&E DDB are larger scale operations, are good businesses and larger, all in part thanks to the CPO.

Source Ogilvy

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