In this difficult time, only leaders with brave, vision and "can-do spirit" can turn the situation around, turning the "can’t do " into “can do”, thereby leaders can inspire all employees and help their business not only survive the pandemic but also live well & stay healthy when it recovers.

 Understanding and empathizing with the difficulties of leaders and businesses, PACE Institute of Management continues to organize an online talk show series called "PACE Talk" with the theme:  "A CAN-DO Spirit in a CAN'T-DO Time" on July 1, 2021 to accompany the business community through this crisis.

The online talk show received the participation of a large number of business communities with nearly 15,000 views on Livestream from Zoom, Facebook and Youtube.


What is "can’t do time"?

“Can’t do time” depicts a bewildering and helpless situation of people in a world of dizzying and unpredictable changes, all values ​​are challenged, many preparations are useless and many beliefs are broken. In the current context, "Can’t do time" continues to be the result of the health crisis, and the prolongation of the pandemic is the source of those comprehensive effects.

Dr. Gian Tu Trung stated that "Can’t do time" is like a harsh purification, if businesses cannot overcome, they will disappear immediately, but if any business can overcome it, it will be much stronger and more sustainable as ever. In other words, "Can’t do time" is a blessing for all individuals, all businesses at all levels of society. Therefore, to adapt well to this constant and never-ending change, we need to always be ready and prepare the “CAN-DO” spirit for the new context.

Dr. Gian Tu Trung share new perspectives
on the "can-do spirit " in "can’t do time"

What is "Can do spirit "?

“Can do spirit" is the spirit that dares to accept new things, or dares to face challenges, or dares to commit to ideals" - Dr. Gian Tu Trung.

And in different contexts, "can-do spirit" will bring different possibilities. It can be the ability to “turn danger into opportunities”, the ability to make the impossible into possible, to make the possible into certainty!

In this uncertain context, the "can-do spirit" is also resilience, the spirit of "warrior", the spirit of "not fear the calamity".


“Can do spirit" not only helps us to overcome difficulties but also can break through from challenges and open up unprecedented opportunities.

It is a test that challenges the vision, internal strength and bravery of business leaders. If all those factors are converged, then all events are just tests, there will always be a way to solve the issue. Perhaps, if an incident can't bring us down, it will make us a lot stronger!  

The crisis is like a test and a challenge to the vision, internal resources and bravery of business leaders. If all these factors converge, then every issue is just a test, there will always be a way to solve it. Because, if the issue can't take us down, it will make us a lot stronger!

The speaker emphasized that the reason why people give up is that they believe in CAN'T-DO; this belief is caused by their negative experiences in the past. This is a process that has been demonstrated and explained by a famous Psychological Model of the eminent psychologist and psychotherapist Albert Ellis.

Albert Ellis's ABC Model

The ABC model is a framework that assumes an individual's belief in a particular event that will affect how they react to it.

How to switch from CAN'T-DO state to CAN-DO state 

Based on the premise of Albert Ellis' ABC Model, Psychologist Martin Seligman has realized the above transition in a model, called the ABCDE Model.

A – Adversity: What is an undesirable situation?

B – Beliefs: What is an activated negative belief?

C –Consequences: What are the consequences of this negative belief?

D – Disputations: Look back on your problems and beliefs.

E – Energization: Positive energy born from the re-recognition.

In particular, A-B-C is the cause of CAN'T-DO, and D-E is the solution to convert CAN'T-DO into CAN-DO.

This is an ongoing process that anyone can encounter regularly. When you feel like you're facing a challenge or uncertain event, try to identify your pessimistic beliefs and negative thoughts. This process will help replace negative thoughts and approach challenges with more optimism, thereby easily creating a “can-do spirit”.

Leaders can inspire "can-do spirit" for teams and organizations

Dr. Gian Tu Trung shared: "The biggest resource of an organization is leadership, the second biggest resource is the team, then other resources."

In times of stress and sensitivity, the leader is the one who has a role to keep the balance in the organization, but keeping the belief and "can-do spirit" for business leaders alone is not enough. This belief and “can-do spirit” need to be spread and strongly inspire the whole staff, they are the powerful force to help the organization/business become more sustainable and more developing during and after the crisis.

To do this, the speaker emphasized the leadership's trust and expectations in the value and potential of each employee. Only trust, generosity and dedicated guidance can motivate employees to develop beyond their expectations.

Become a "possible culture" for teams and businesses

“Can do culture” is a team spirit of doing things together, believing in winning together, and creating great results together. The prerequisite for forming a "can-do culture" is to remove the two words "Can't-Do" from the organization's dictionary.

When most employees have a "Can-Do Spirit", that's when the business has a "Can-Do culture" and becomes a "Can-Do" business. Therefore, the best way to build a "Can-Do culture" is "Can-Do Leaders" to help form the "Can-Do spirit" for each employee in their organization.

If you believe you can, then you have a chance to find a solution, but if you believe you can't, then there will be no solution at all!” – Dr. Gian Tu Trung


In addition to sharing perspectives and creating motivation for businesses in challenging times, the talkshow is also space for the business community to share real stories of their team and business in the "can’t do time", to inspire each other on the journey of creating "Can-Do Teams" and "Can-Do Enterprises". 

Speakers listen and share thoughts
of the business community’s challenges

We believe that this PACE Talk has provided valuable and inspirational perspectives for businesses to start the journey to build strong teams in challenging times, and leveraging the strong spirit and unlimited creation.