Local business training center finds success

Local professional education center PACE is attracting crowds of businesspeople looking to build up their skills in business administration while, at the same time, helping Vietnam tap into its potential human resources.

In a growing country looking to develop its human resources, founder To Gian Tu Trung realized the potential and demand in providing a wide variety of original educational courses in financial accounting and brand management for top business managers and executives. Thus, PACE was born.

There’s more to doing business than just making money, said Mr. Trung.

PACE works with major world education organizations such as World Business Associates with an aim to import the latest thinking and technology into Vietnam.

Businesspeople taking a short course at PACE may have lessons with up to five experienced CEOs from other parts of the world, said Mr. Trung.

Up to now, PACE has trained tens of thousands of employees for businesses and received praises from many attendees, proving itself as an up-and-coming business training center in Vietnam

“I would have paid fees 10 times higher at another institution,” said manager at Vien Canh Company who recently took a PACE course.

“Courses at PACE helped change my way of thinking and method of administering,” said the chief executive of Thai Tuan Textile Company.

An economist with high aims

As a former employee of KPMG, DTT and PWC – three of the four giants in administration consultation – and the Governmental Stock Committee in Hanoi, Mr. Trung realized the country was in great need of trained managers to match the rapid development of the economy.

The vast human resources among the 80 million people in Vietnam is currently undertapped due to the lack of appropriate educational courses, Mr. Trung said.

That’s when he decided to go into business administration consultation. “I’m wholly devoted to my work,” said PACE’s founding father with a smile. But, he denied he was a workaholic because to him “’working’ means doing things you don’t enjoy.”

And Mr. Trung doesn’t intend to stop with Vietnam. His ambition is for PACE to become a top-ranking educational organization in Southeast Asia.

“Local businesses currently have to import managers. In 10 to 15 years’ time, though, Vietnam will have enough highly-skilled managers to cater to its own needs and even to export,” he said.

But, there is still one question that he has not figured the answer to: “What must each Vietnamese citizen and business do to turn Vietnam into a top 20 world power in the next 50 years?” Although Mr. Trung hasn’t come up with an answer yet, he is already doing his part with PACE.

(Reported by Nguyen Y Linh – Translated by Xuan Lan)
Source: thanhniennews