“The First Time Manager in Asia” – The book for bosses

Despite what the title indicates, this book is not only for people who are in charge of leading for the first time. With 30 years of being a business leader and a management consultant, BH Tan shares his experience and lessons learned to everyone who was in a position of leadership, regardless of being recently promoted or having had worked many years as a leader at a domestic or international firm.

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Besides having a strong understanding of theories and Western management skills, BH Tan also combines Eastern viewpoints, theories, and behaviors. Moreover, he focuses on Asian countries and how their beliefs, cultural differences, and behaviors may contribute to the resistance of adapting new management methods. He fills in the gaps in knowledge and develops a consensus on the best approaches for leaders, and particular first time leaders, to grow, overcome challenges, and create solutions that lead their companies to success. 

Selected and introduced by PACE, this book belongs to “Business Leaders’ bookshelf.” It was also published by DT books, one of PACE’s institutional activities, and in association with Time Publishing House.