The business community is facing constant changes. The effects of the previous three waves are not over and the heavy devastation of this fourth wave, which is causing profound damage to human resources and intelligence. This greatly affects the "resistance" of both individuals and organizations.

In a such difficult time, how do businesses strongly transform themselves to turn the situation upside down, turn the "can’t do" into "can-do", turning the "can-do" thing into "substantial"? How do not only leaders but all employees in their team also have the spirit of "can-do" and together make a breakthrough in this context?

After 2 decades of the training business, PACE has been with the business community through countless ups and downs from the beginning of Vietnam's business, understanding and empath with the difficulties of the business in the present time, PACE Institute of Management organizes an online talkshow series called "PACE Talk" with the first episode: "A CAN-DO Spirit in a CAN'T-DO Time” at 13:30-16:30, on 01/07/2021 to accompany the business and social community.

PACE Talk is a monthly talkshow conducted by PACE on the Zoom platform, and will be live-streamed on Facebook and Youtube of PACE Institute of Management channel.

In the first PACE Talk episode, Dr. Gian Tu Trung, Founder & Chairman of PACE Institute of Management will open up perspectives on the power of  can-do spirit, resilience and creativity, and inspire businesses to start their own extraordinary journeys to go through the crisis and overcome all difficulties.



A CAN-DO Spirit in a CAN’T-DO Time

Organizer PACE Institute of Management
Time 13:30 – 16:30, Thursday, 01/07/2021
  • Interactive show via Zoom platform
  • Live-stream via Facebook & Youtube platforms
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. GIAN TU TRUNG -  Founder & Chairman of PACE Institute of Management
  • Companion Speaker: Mr. Vu Duc Tri The - Solution Director of PACE Institute of Management  

Part 1: Talk show
The time of the impossible (Can't-do Time) - The power of the spirit (Can-do Spirit).

Part 2: PACE Solution
The solution for the challenges of spreading Can-do Spirit to strengthen the internal forces of the business in the midst of the volatility.  

Part 3: Q&A
Discussion on talk show topics between Speakers & invited guests via Zoom platform.

Business community & social community deeply care about the times and desire to bring positive value and learn solutions in turbulent times.

Attendance fee
This is PACE's activity to spread value to the business community so there is no attendance fee.


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