As a coach to customer leaders in many organizations and watched the landscape evolve and shift. Jeanne Bliss was one of the original Chief Customer Officers, and has held titles like that for companies including Land’s End and Allstate. For more than twenty years, she has helped organizational leadership recognize the importance of customer-focused initiatives in ways that directly impact the business results.

From the experience and the ability to observe from their reality, she shared 5 capabilities needed by each CCO should have:

1. Honor and Customers as Assets

The word “honor” is not used enough when referring to customers and the role they play for organizations. Can say that customer is the "blood" support organization of professional enterprises.

2. Align around experience

What would life be like if operations were around customer experience and innovation? It’s a great question any organization should ask


3. Build a Customer listening path

Although this is not a popular approach because every business has individual measurements, but most importantly need to "listen" to many clients as possible, thereby providing for them the appropriate quality according to the trend.

4. Always proactive and innovative

Know before customers tell you! Don’t wait for them to complain about something you already know isn’t working. It is the lead will make an impression on customers, though the pioneering somewhat difficult but certainly this is attracting the attention of the CEO.


5. Culture and relationships in business

Today in the age of 4.0, the corporate culture to influence many customers but this is often overlooked. The main differences in culture will impress customers through corporate image.

Besides, the trend of the current international integration, establishing and building relationships in business is one of the effective business strategy. A successful business, a CCO effectiveness must always have a strategic vision in building distribution systems and develop relationships of coverage and the ability to communicate well when searching, maintaining and developing that relationship.

Source Customerthink

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