When you hear the label “number cruncher” applied to a person, what picture comes to mind?

Before going further, let me provide some context and the reason behind this article. Recently, will have been asked to define the role and responsibilities of the CCO. The clients seem to have differing opinions.

In the era of 4.0 today, customers seem to be very diverse and need also change "dizziness" so to become CCO professionally outside background knowledge-intensive, they must have experienced many years to undertake this role is good.

A successful CCO must have the ability to adroitly make the crossover between the analytical and the relational. Today’s CCO needs to be able to grasp what the data is saying and translate those insights into systems, culture, and advocacy that elevate the customer experience. For an industrial revolution 4.0 today, shifting strategy to winning "the customer as the Center" is a matter of utmost importance and necessary to influence the future development of the company. And the CCO, who plays the most important role in this transition.

Currently, companies are characterizing the CCO’s responsibilities in many ways. Some define the position as overseeing the customer service department and regard it mostly as a responsibility related to the company’s front line. When this is the model being used, there’s a danger that the head of the customer service becomes merely another “fix-it” person in the organization.

A great CCO needs emotional intelligence (EQ) to understand and relate to a wide variety of people, as well as the technical IQ to grasp what Big Data is measuring and predicting.

Currently, depending on the size, nature, and position of CCO role that will be defined in many different ways. Most did their job responsibilities that always follow the customer. CCO successfully transmitted signals are clearest about the importance of the customer, as well as ensuring that they always consider every decision through the "prism" of their experience. Not only that, the business manager plays a key role in accelerating the transformation of the company to focus on its customers.

In other companies, it’s a C-Suite position that is involved in virtually every department, including marketing, sales, IT, product development as well as all aspects of the front line operation.

In this new era, when that customer is the center of business activity, the CCO must have the capacity to merge the different customer data sets into an overall look. There is a 360-degree view of the customer that will open the way for the measure satisfied on all points of access.

It is important to ensure that the millions of customer interaction of firms in an on were working well, but the strong data capacity should also focus on getting to know the problems before they occur the increased opportunities of customer loyalty.

The expectations of customers and the complexity of the products and the main services are the motivation to continually promote innovation and improvements in the customer experience. So, the role of the CCO does not just stop at the stage of metabolism which will last forever. This creates not only challenges but also as an opportunity for CCO demonstrates the role and capacity of the volatility of the new era.

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