In order to enhance the learning experience for the business community and develop a new way of learning, PACE has launched a new training model called PACE LiveLearning with many benefits for business leaders.

Nowadays, the world has many complicated and unpredictable changes, businesses are facing the question of how to ensure their corporate management system and reinvent themselves after recovery.

In the midst of a difficult situation, many businesses have taken advantage of the time to train and develop the team, because once the quality of human resources is improved, it can help businesses "powering through crisis". At this time, it is important that every business, every individual chooses the delivery options that suit them.

That's why PACE Institute of Management has launched a new training model called PACE LiveLearning with many benefits for business leaders:

  • Live interaction with trainers and colleagues via software
  • 35% discount compared to offline classes
  • Save money on travel, accommodation, and logistical issues.
  • Ensure quality of learning, networking, and vitality of the classroom

PACE LiveLearning model integrates the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of two popular forms of online and offline learning, helping leaders and entrepreneurs optimize their learning value and access to valuable resources.

The new learning model of PACE LiveLearning corresponds to the change in the way the world learns in the future. It is an optimal choice to help the business community to accomplish the training goals to improve the organizations.

In addition to improving the learning experience for businesses, PACE has also provided the PACE’s Global Ecosystem of Management to enhance training quality to meet international standards. With PACE's Global Partners, the business community can easily access effective solutions that help business leaders ready to meet and tackle challenges of the increasingly competitive global business environment.

 If you need any further information about program and PACE LiveLearning model, please contact PACE Department of Enrollment at +84 (28) 3837 0208, or by email to