Continuing to accompany the business community to overcome challenging times, PACE Talk with the theme "FULL CATASTROPHE LIVING / Good book on ‘Mindfulness’ - A new leadership revolution" was held on August 14, 2021.

Co-hosted by Mindful Leadership Vietnam / PACE-MLV (A member of PACE) and Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI), the talkshow spread meaningful messages from the famous book called "Full Catastrophe Living" and and other unique books of the "Mindfulness Book Series" which are selected, translated and published exclusively by PACE Books; the show also shared a new leadership method that PACE has made efforts to initiate and is strongly promoting in Vietnam - "Mindful Leadership".

The live talkshow had nearly 15,000 views on Livestream from Zoom and Facebook with the participation and follow-up of business community.

Speakers at PACE Talk in August: 

"Full Catastrophe Living | Good book on ‘Mindfulness’ - A new leadership revolution  


When discuss about the title "Full Catastrophe Living" and its association with the current pandemic context, Dr. Gian Tu Trung shared that "Full Catastrophe Living" is a title that contains a very deep meaning about human life that PACE has taken a long time to understand and summarize to share widely to readers.

The book not only discusses the "sufferings" that people have to go through, but also contains and conveys the strength of mental, meaningful message and method of "Full Catastrophe Living" to help people wake up, face and solve all difficulties bravely, eventually they can overcome all issues. . . this is the power that we all need right now, right at this time of pandamic and disease.

Looking into the present context, it is easy for each of us to see what the suffering and loss that each person, each home is experiencing. And especially hundreds of thousands of businesses are at risk of bankruptcy, exhaustion and influenced significantly from the pandemic. However, the most painful thin is no one has been able to solve this scour.

Therefore, covid vaccine is necessary but not enough, we also need to strengthen the spiritual vaccine, so that each person - each home - each business can maintain the spirit of "full catastrophe living", overcome all challenges and sufferings of the next crisis.

There are many concepts and interpretations of mindfulness, but at PACE-MLV, we believe "Mindfulness is a sense of reality with an open mind and a compassionate heart." Particularly, Mindfulness is not only mindfulness meditation, but also living mindfulness. With the concept, learning and practice mindfulness at PACE-MLV is all based on science, not spirituality or religion.

Agree with what Dr. Gian Tu Trung said about the spirit of "full catastrophe living" which is also the name of book title translated and published by PACE, speaker Le Nguyen Tran Huynh - one of the translators of the Mindfulness Book Series; and also the certified lecturers of "Search Inside Yourself" Program (SIY) have an detail analysis in term of "full catastrophe living".

"Full Catastrophe Living" written by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's was born in the context of struggles and difficulties as the current epidemic context. Due to the sense the stressful situation at the time, Jon Kabat-Zinn aplied on his mindfulness practices and scientific insights to create the “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” Program (1979). This is the first and most popular program of mindfulness based on science and still used wisely today, all of the methods of the program were included in his book "Full Catastrophe Living”.

If stress, pressure drains energy, weakens health and makes people more susceptible to anxiety, depression, disconnection and disease, even shortening people's lives, "Full Catastrophe Living" is the mental vaccine for everyone, including the elderly and the young, the healthy and the sick – anyone who tries to live a healthier and happier life in an unpredictably volatile world.

Mr. Le Nguyen Tran Huynh also shared that by practicing mindfulness exercises in the book "Full Catastrophe Living", we know clearly how to use body-mind methods which proven medically base on a foundation of meditation and yoga to be able to fight stress, establish a better balance of body and mind, and become healthier and healing.

In particular, using this method, people can learn to manage chronic pain, promote optimal healing, reduce anxiety and feelings of panic, and improve the quality of life, relationships and social connections.

Following up the above sharing, Mr. Tran Vinh Tan also emphasized that mindfulness practice is essential in all circumstances, especially in the context of overlapping challenges and risks that we are facing today.

This explains that, whether there is an epidemic or not, every human being needs to balance his mind and minimize their stress in life to have a happy life. However, with the stressful situation of the pandemic, it is important that the human need mental care & healing for themself.

Based on his perspective on mindfulness application in the process of participating in the translation of "Full Catastrophe Living", Mr. Tran Vinh Tan shared most 4 basic things from the book that leaders need to keep in mind:

  • Change and crisis are always there in life
  • Not only accept, but understand the crisis
  • Kindness and understanding are necessary in the face of crisis
  • The role of thinking, and the application of mindfulness in crisis


Beside "Full Catastrophe Living", there are many other books in Mindfulness Book Series which are selected, translated and published exclusively by PACE Books such as "The Mind of The Leader" and "The Mindful Leader".