According to data from the Workforce Data Institute and Deloitte on "Turnover", the percentage of employees who quit their jobs is predicted to reach 35% in 2023. This figure warns the crisis that the recruitment department will face in the near future.  

At the same time, it will affect sustainable development when the industry faces the risk of increasing human resources costs and reducing labor efficiency. So what is the best solution to save personnel costs? 

In order to choose the right talent to lead the business through  challenges, Talent Assessments Vietnam wants to accompany you through the Seminar: "Make effective data-driven people decisions". This seminar will suggest solutions for businesses to control and prevent these damages. 

*Customers will receive various gifts, own a 40% discount code for their Hogan personality report, as well as have the opportunity to receive in-depth personality analysis experiences: 01 personal report + 45 minutes of coaching with Hogan’s analyst.  

* Talent Assessment Vietnam is a member of PACE Institute of Management and an authorized partner of Hogan Assessments in Vietnam, specializing in training international professional Certifications and professional skills for leaders.


Topic Make effective data-driven people decisions
Organizers Hogan Assessments Systems USA 
and Talent Assessments Vietnam  
(a member of PACE Institute of Management) 
Time  8h30 - 11h30, Tuesday, 09/08/2022 

Phan Chau Trinh room, PACE Building (limit registration) 

Online via Zoom


Mr. Dan Bass – With more than 25 years of experience in human resources and talent development, he is a leading consultant for multinational corporations, including many Fortune 500 clients and has held the position of Head of Talent Development for Siemens China group as well as the position of Learning Solutions Director for Mercer Group. He specializes in training and advising enterprises on performance management processes, succession planning, talent assessment, high potential development; mentoring programs and assessment centers; design and develop HR knowledge, learning solutions for teams and organizations.

Currently, he is a member of the Professional  Department, Director of  Solutions of Talent Assessments Vietnam, Coaching of Hogan.  

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Tuyen - With more than 20 years as Human Resources Director for companies and delegations in Vietnam such as Mega Life Sciences; American Standard; Sonion, La-Z-Boy, ... She is a training expert and consultant for enterprises in Human Resource Management, Professional Skills.  

Currently, she is a member of the Professional Department, Lecturer of PACE School of Human Resource Management of PACE Management Academy of PACE Management Academy. 

Ms. Phan Thi Khoa – With more than 20 years of experience in the field of human resources and talent development, she currently holds the position of L&D Manager of one of the leading multinational corporations in Vietnam in the multidisciplinary retail industry. 


1. In the context of the wave of massive layoffs that shake morale even the workforce is satisfied with the current job. Two dangers will occur in the near future: 

  • Recruiting the wrong people to the wrong position, losing personnel, causing great losses in costs for the business 
  • Choose the wrong object and the wrong direction of development, limiting the performance of human resources 

2.  Introducing how Leadership Forecast series works  

3. Introducing Hogan's Core Solutions for Controlling and Preventing Hazards  

  • Recruitment of sales team: Sales Basis 
  • Team Training and Development: Leadership Forecast Series 
 Hogan Certificate 
  • Currently working    in Human Resource Management,  Training and Team Development  at domestic and foreign enterprises 
  • Business leaders want to look for a perspective to increase the cohesion of the team, the right  recruitment orientation from the first  time, improve  performance. 
  • Interested in Personality Assessments 
Attendance fee  Totally free to attend

Gifts  for invitationsto attend in person 

  • PACE Bag 
  • PACE Books 
  •  40% discount voucher for any Hogan report  
  • LFS - Summary report template for free  

 Gifts for invited guests to attend online:  

  •  40% discount voucher for any Hogan report  
  • LFS - Summary report template for free  

Sweepstakes  for both in-person  and online  attendance  

1 in 10 in-depth personality analysis experiences: 01 personal report + 45 minutes of coaching with Hogan‘s analyst



08:30 – 11:30
Tuesday, August 09, 2022

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