On December 11, 2022, in Ho Chi Minh City, PACE Institute of Management organized the 2022 Graduation Ceremony with more than 1.000 businessman who successfully finished the programs for CEO & C*O.

More than 1.000 businessman attended the 2022 Graduation Ceremony at PACE

A few years ago, Vietnam's economy has been experiencing volatility because the world is transforming. Leaders and managers have proven their resilience despite the uncertainty of the world.

PACE Institute of Management is honored to have become a trusted partner with business and society on the journey of “BELIEVING IN AUTHENTIC LEARNING” crossing over 20 years.

The 2022 Graduation Ceremony organized by PACE Institute of Management

Mr. Gian Tu Trung – the founder of PACE Institute of Management, shares that the foundational competencies and values establish the portrait of authentic managers. Finally, "back to basics" is the best approach to develop leadership competencies.

Mr. Gian Tu Trung – founder of PACE Institute of Management

This Graduation Ceremony is not only an event to award Graduation Certificates to participants who have successfully completed PACE’s Programs for C-suites, but also an annual academic forum for all leaders and managers to share the topic on leadership and management, in order to develop sustainably in today's unpredictable business environment.

The room of the graduation ceremony organized by PACE Institute of Management

The Graduation Ceremony was organized by PACE Institute of Management is a memorable milestone for more than 1,000 leaders and managers who successfully completed Programs for C-suites. It marks the end of a great learning journey at PACE and opens a new path for more success in business.

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