Professional Selling Skills

Starting Date: 18/06/2024 - Location: HCMC

Starting Date
3.200.000 VND
Discounted Fee
2.800.000 VND
18:00 - 21:00

Special rates are offered when payment is received at least seven (7) days before the course starting date.

Program's message

The Program aims to equip sales professionals with the basic knowledge and skills to build their sales competency. Thereby it helps develop the skills and effective sales performance for salespersons in different sectors that will help boost the overall sales productivity and efficiency of their companies.

No matter the product and service, sales activities often determine the success and survival of any company. Therefore, training staff on managing customers, providing customer care and developing new customers is a key requirement.  PACE Institute of Management (PACE) offers a course on Professional Sales Skills that aims to develop the skills and effective sales performance for sales persons in different sectors that will help boost the overall sales productivity and efficiency of their companies. 

The course aims to equip sales professionals with the basic knowledge and skills to build their sales competency.  Through this training program, participants not only obtain vital sales knowledge, they also learn about approaches to understanding the psychology and consumption behavior of their customers.  They also learn about different methods of interacting with customers, especially in unexpected circumstances, and effective sales communication skills. 

PACE’s program on Professional Sales Skills has been successfully implemented nearly 20 years.  Program participants include sales staff and business managers representing diverse levels of management from local and foreign companies operating in Vietnam.  Program attendees benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise of PACE’s trainers who have many years of sales experience in managing multi-national corporations in Vietnam.  In addition, PACE employs its training as consulting approach, helping participants integrate what they learn from PACE’s trainers and their real-life issues in their working place.

Program's information


  •  The Salesman of the domestic and foreign enterprises;
  •  The Trade representatives who wish to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and Skills for developing and improving sales.


After attending the program, participants can achieve the important objectives as follows:

  • Understand the sales profession;
  • Understand the psychology and consumption behavior of customers;
  • Know how to establish processes and methods for effective sales;
  • Improve the communication skills and persuasive sales presentations;
  • Improve skills of handling objections / rejection of customers.

Program's content

Part I: Understand the sales profession

  • What is an activity "Sales" meaningful and effective;
  • The role, responsibilities, attitudes, knowledge and skills of a professional salesperson;
  • Method of self-improvement and development "sales profession" for each level.

Part II. Customer psychology and consumption behavior

  • Customer’s character and the psychological factors in sales;
  • Motivation and consumer demand;
  • The psychological stages of a procurement process;
  • Active impact approach method to consumption behavior of customers in each period.

Part III. Processes and effective sales methods

  • Sales plan and preparation for necessary information

- The process of establishing sales plans;

- Tools, forms and reports commonly used in the work of sales;

- The necessary important information need to be prepared in the sales activities.

  • Professional sales process;
  • Important key to succeed in sales

- Develop the attitude and approach accordingly;

- Carry out the access in proper methods;

- Techniques of "listening" and gather information;

- Technology identification, analysis and classification of customer needs;

- Defining negotiation techniques;

- End of successful business.

  • The important, necessary remarks in sales activities.

Part IV. Several important skills in subsidiary to sales

  • Communication skills and convincing presentation

- The role of communication in sales;

- The principles of effective communication in sales;

- The barriers in communication, the close signal in communication;

- Techniques to break the apathy, indifference and create openness for customer in sales communication.

- Persuasive presentation in sales.

  • Skills of handling objection / refusal

- The most common causes as the client objection / refusal;

- The principles should be followed when handling objections / refusal;

- Some technologies and tactics for handling objections / refusal in sales;

- Practice on the situation.

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