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In business, tax has a specific definition that is “Tax is both a cost and a law”. As a matter of fact, once something is a cost, it is necessary to find ways to save (including tax cost) and once something is a law, it must be absolutely compliant (especially tax law).

It can be said that no leader does not have worries and frustrations about tax, and no one or no department in the business (including the accounting department) is interested in tax as much as the leader. 

Why? Because tax is related to two vital issues of the business, that is “cost saving” and “law compliance”.

Ideally, every leader should be as knowledgeable about tax and accounting as professionals who have spent several years studying and working on tax and accounting. However, in reality, tax and accounting in the business is not the expertise of the majority of leaders.

So how can leaders feel less stressful about tax while not having expertise on tax and spending years studying tax like an accountant?

The answer lies in the training program “Taxation Knowledge for LEADERS” organized by PACE in collaboration with leading tax experts.

This program is designed specifically for business owners and leaders.

In just 4 sessions, leaders will be equipped with the core knowledge of tax, not to directly do tax accounting, but to know how to direct their accounting department to do tax accounting and prepare tax finalization to achieve both goals of minimizing tax costs and complying with tax laws.

With the method of “consulting training”, this program has been successfully implemented by PACE during the past 20 years with the participation of leaders of domestic and foreign companies.

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  • Business leaders: business owners, Board of Directors, Board of Members, Board of Managers;
  • Middle managers: Head, Deputy Head of Department / Division of domestic and foreign companies.

This program does not help you become a tax professional or tax consultant, but only helps you “research” the tax from the perspective of a business manager.


After the program, you will be able to:

  • Get an overview of the tax system in Vietnam and learn about some taxes related to business and their application (especially VAT, CIT, PIT and FCT);
  • Understand the basic knowledge of tax and tax reporting system, thereby minimizing tax obligations but still ensuring compliance with the law;
  • Understand Government’s undertaking of renewing tax policy;
  • Explain clearly, accurately and with legal basis the difference between accounting profit and taxable income and know how to apply it.

Program's content

PART I: Overview of Tax and Tax System in Vietnam

  • Overview of tax;
  • Categorizing taxes;
  • Tax evasion and tax avoidance;
  • Tax system in Vietnam.

PART II: Value-Added Tax (VAT)

  • Operation mechanism of VAT;
  • VAT taxpayers;
  • Individuals subject to VAT;
  • Individuals not subject to VAT;
  • Direct method of tax calculation;
  • Deduction method.

PART III: Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

  • Taxpayers;
  • Difference between Profit & Taxable Income;
  • Method of tax calculation by revenue;
  • Method of tax calculation by income;
  • Income taxes;
  • Other income taxes;
  • Tax rates and preferential tax rates;
  • Capital transferring income tax;
  • Real estate transferring income tax.

PART IV: Personal Income Tax (PIT)

  • Taxpayers;
  • Income taxes;
  • Tax-exempt income;
  • Tax bases;
  • Tax bases of resident individuals;
  • Tax bases of non-resident individuals;
  • Withholding tax;
  • PIT tax finalization;
  • PIT tax refund.

PART V: Foreign Contractor Tax (FCT)

  • Subjects that are applied;
  • Subjects that are not applied;
  • Method of tax calculation;
  • Direct method.

PART VI: Tax Management Law

  • Benefits of taxpayers;
  • Responsibilities of taxpayers;
  • Registration tax;
  • Reporting tax;
  • Paying tax;
  • Checking and inspecting tax;
  • Assessing tax;
  • Refunding tax;
  • Handling violations;
  • Complaining tax;
  • Forced enforcement;
  • Using tax services.
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