There is a question asked frequently in a large number of workshops: “What is the difference between a KPI and KRI?”

KRI means Key Result Indication. Generally, KRI is a result of many activities run by different groups and a really good result indication. KRI creates a clear vision to define speed and direction of organization's operation. Moreover, they also provide an overview view for Board of Directors to evaluate the increase of company’s stratetric processes.

On the other hand, KPI means Key Performance Indicators. The indicators mainly focus on performance aspects of organizations. In the fact that, they have not been defined yet or they have been hidden somewhere that management groups are not even aware of them.

Speedometer of car is a prime example of the differences between KRI and KPI. The speed of car seems like the result indication because it combines the moving process at a certain number with the frequency of motors’ spinning per minute. KPI can be known as savings rate of fuels when the car is driven or motors increase temperature.

Let’s see the picture below to understand more deeply about the differences between KRI and KPI.


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