2021 marks the 20-year journey of PACE Institute of Management – the first institute for business leaders and professionals in Vietnam's history. It is an important milestone and a testament of PACE's enduring efforts over the past two decades to work alongside the business community in opening and building a new era of management in Vietnam. 

The journey starts with an aspiration of fostering business intellectual...

On June 6, 2001, PACE Institute of Management was established at the time when the concept of businesspeople going to school to learn for developing themselves and their businesses was not popular to many people in Vietnam. At PACE, authentic learning is vital and empowering, especially the learning journeys of entrepreneurs and business leaders.  If a business leader takes part in relevant and applicable workshops where they can acquire knowledge and learn from different perspectives, their learning not only can change themselves, but it can also contribute to making a positive impact to their team members, their organizations, and beyond.

With the aspiration of fostering business intellectual, and the belief in authentic learning, for the past 20 years, PACE has been constantly innovating and reinventing itself to effectively provide the business community with powerful solutions in eight key areas of management, including General Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management.

At PACE, we understand that the learning journey of businesspeople and professionals and their force to grow the business always go hand in hand. Moreover, the value of learning is viewed by the benefits that learning really brings to individuals and organizations, particularly Cultural Competency, Leadership Competency, Professional Competency and Professional Skills. Therefore, during the 20-year journey of providing Authentic Learning for Business Intellectual, PACE has been offering tens of thousands courses to more than 260,000 entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals of enterprises from both private and public sectors, from a wide array of industries across Vietnam.

... to open a new era of management in Vietnam with PACE's Global Ecosystem of Management

For the past 20 years, PACE has been respected as a trusted partner of organizations, and a pioneer in providing a Global Ecosystem of Management to open a new era of management in Vietnam.

Dr. Gian Tu Trung - Founder and Chairman of PACE Institute of Management stated, "The Global Ecosystem of Management presents the most foundational solutions for businesses to transform and grow sustainably in an unprecedented, ever-changing world.  In this current time, leading educational institutions need to continue to work alongside businesses and the community to empower businesses so that they can overcome the challenges, open up new opportunities to achieve their organizational goals, and to strongly enter a new era of management in Vietnam.

There are many things to talk about this new management platform.  There are two core characteristics about it – Vietnam’s aspirations and global standards. In other words, the new management era is fostered from a combination of Vietnamese spirits and global quintessence and carries in itself a very human, national and personal characteristics.

To form a new era of management, the first thing we must focus on is the new learning of leaders and professionals, including enlightening learning and professional learning in the harmony of Vietnamese aspirations and global standards. Because, without a new generation of leaders, there cannot be new management, and without new management, it is difficult to have a new economy."

Looking into the future of management in Vietnam and in the world, PACE has spent many years researching and making unwavering efforts to build a Global Ecosystem of Management with eight affiliated schools (specializing in the field of management, including General Management, HR Management, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Sales Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management), six member companies (specializing in management areas), and ten global partners (the world’s leading organizations in management areas).

PACE’s partners include the world’s leading organizations specializing in the field of management, including George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership (Global Leadership Program - GLP); FranklinCovey  (the world’s leading organization in Leadership  Development and Cultural Creation); Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute  (Mindful Leadership); Ken Blanchard  (SLII Experience™ ); Balanced Scorecard Institute  (Strategic Implementation and KPI System); Hogan Assessments (Talent Assessments); Society for Human Resource Management (Human Resource Management); IMA  (Management Accounting); Digital Marketing Institute  (Digital Marketing); and  PMI  (Project Management).

We at PACE take pride in making an impact, achieving our missions through our five core activities, including PACE Training, PACE Consulting, PACE Books,  PACE Conference,  PACE Research,  and PACE Non-profit Project.  We provide powerful and applicable solutions to help leaders and their teams address the most essential management issues of businesses at all levels.

Through the 20 years of development, PACE continuously strives to maintain the core values and high standards of the organization. In the next phase, with PACE’s Global Ecosystem of Management, we aim to continue playing its key role as an influential management institute in Vietnam, a trusted partner of leaders and professionals in the business community and beyond.  We are committed to carrying out our missions in helping businesses leverage their strengths, develop their management, achieve meaningful results, and grow successfully in the competitive markets.

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