Program's message

How to plan a strategy and communicate it clearly to all members at all levels throughout the organization? 
The answer is in the “Balanced Scorecard”. 
This is also the most effective tool to connect/ align the daily work of each member of the organization
with the organization’s vision, mission, goals and strategies.

On September 11, 1962, President John F. Kennedy visited the United States Space Agency (NASA). When he saw a janitor carrying a broom, he walked over and asked him what he was doing. The janitor replied: "Mr. President, I am contributing to bringing man to the moon and bringing him to earth safely." The answer shows that, at NASA, the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies are clearly communicated to each individual in the organization. Regardless of their position and job, they understand clearly how their role contributes to the organization’s overall mission.

Regardless of how big or small a business, it is difficult to come up with a breakthrough and feasible strategy, but for that strategy to go into daily work and life, not just of leadership and management levels, but also the most ordinary employees, it’s even more difficult.

If the problem is not solved, the business will soon lead to the situation of "trying to climb a ladder that is leaning against the wrong wall". That means, while the team members are working hard, it doesn’t add much value to the overall goals and strategies of the whole organization.

Understanding the challenges and desires of businesses in planning and managing strategy, naming and communicating strategy, PACE has collaborated with Balanced Scorecard Vietnam to design the training program "Balanced Scorecard Essentials" (BSC).

This is a highly interactive, consultative training program to help business leaders and managers understand the Balanced Scorecard and use this tool not only to plan strategy, but also to map strategy, manage strategy, and communicate strategy clearly for it go into the daily work and life of each member at all levels throughout the organization more easily (in other words, bring strategy down to earth).

Program's information


  • Leadership and management levels (Board of Directors, Board of Management ...);
  • Those who study and teach management;
  • Those who are interested in planning strategy, standardize strategy and communicating strategy effectively. 


After completing the program, participants can understand the related mindset, philosophy, tools and methods to know how to use the "Balanced Scorecard" to plan and map company’s strategy scientifically and implement it effectively.


In order to enhance the training effectiveness and the effectiveness of applying the thinking & perception from the program into the practical work, the program will be conducted with the participant-centered approach, having multidimensional interaction (between trainers and participants & between participants), and combining lecturing and learning activities (group discussion, practical situation analysis, case studies...).

Program's content

Part I: Overview of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

1. What is BSC?

  • Knowledge of strategic planning and management;
  • Components of strategy and strategic goals;
  • 4 aspects / perspectives of strategy;
  • Relationship of the aspects and strategy map;
  • Aligning strategy through cascading;
  • Implementing and evaluating. 

2. How does BSC help businesses? 

  • In planning strategy;
  • In managing strategy;
  • In communicating strategy

Part II: Creating Strategy Map - a core component of the Balanced Scorecard

1. Learn about an actual Strategy Map on one page:

  • Introduce the contents on the Strategy Map;
  • Relationship between the contents presented on the Strategy Map. 

2. Method of creating a Strategy Map:

  • Assessing the current status of the business;
  • Forming company’s strategy;
  • Creating strategic goals;
  • Forming strategy map. 

Part III: Some important points to consider

1. Communicating strategy;

2. How not to fall into the scenario of “strategy map is only on paper”.

Part IV: Summary

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