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In today's 4.0 era, digital transformation is inevitable and vital for most businesses.

Businesses that are quick and effective in digital transformation will seize many opportunities to make a breakthrough; and businesses that are slow or inefficient in digital transformation will become backward or collapse.

Specifically, surveys indicate that:

  • 87% of companies think that the development of digital technology will radically impact their industry; but only 44% are prepared for it (according to Deloitte).
  • Companies that are fast in digital transformation achieve 3 times more business goals than those that are slow (according to Adobe).
  • Less than 30% of companies succeed in digital transformation due to a lack of clear vision and leadership commitment (according to BCG).

So how can leaders and Chief Digital Officers of businesses do the right thing and do their job well to lead the digital transformation process successfully?

The answer lies in the "Chief Digital Officer / CDO" program designed and implemented by PACE Institute of Management (which has over 20 years of experience in leadership development, training experts and coaching employees for thousands of businesses).

Program's information


  • Business leaders who are looking to create a powerful digital transformation for their business;
  • Chief Digital Officers (CDO) or those in charge of implementing the enterprise's digital transformation strategy;
  • Those who aspire to become CDOs for domestic and foreign businesses.


After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Deeper understanding of the role and competencies required of a Chief Digital Officer;
  • Know how to establish a clear digital transformation vision & strategy for the entire organization;
  • Know how to implement a digital transformation strategy synchronously in all aspects;
  • Develop team management and change management skills to lead a successful digital transformation;
  • Know how to integrate the spirit of digital transformation into the corporate culture to form a digital culture to create a continuous and sustainable digital transformation.


The total duration of the program is 20 sessions (equivalent to 60 hours), you can choose to study in the evening or on weekends.


Participants who have completed the program will be awarded the Graduation Certificate of the “Chief Digital Officer” program of PACE School of Leadership & Management (a member of PACE Institute of Management).

Program's content

# SUBJECTS Sessions Hours
1 Being a Professional CDO

Portrait of an authentic CDO:
- Mission and roles of CDO in businesses.
- Required qualities, knowledge, experiences of CDO.
- Path to becoming a professional CDO.

1 3
2 Vision & Strategy of Digital Transformation 

From organization's vision & strategy to digital transformation’s vision & strategy:
- The connection between digital transformation’s vision & strategy with the organization’s core values.
- Method of establishing digital transformation’s vision and strategy.
- Communicate properly to ensure vision & strategy are spread consistently across the organization.
- Collaborate to create a strategic planning & have DISCIPLINE in strategic execution.

4 12

Optimizing Digital Business Model

What does an ideal digital business model look like?
- Characteristics of a digital business model.
- Introduction to popular digital business models.
- Important principles that should be applied when developing a digital business model.

2 6

Optimizing Digital System & Processes

- What are the characteristics of optimal digital system & processes?
- The importance of optimizing digital system & processes
- Method and stages of effective digital system & processes optimization.

2 6

Technology for Digital Transformation

- Infrastructure for colleges; Multi-channel integrated system; Information security and safety.
- Mobile Technology; Cloud Computing; Big Data; Iodine; WHO; Blockchain...

2 6
6 Digital Leadership & Culture

Overview of digital leadership:
- The importance of digital leadership in organizations.
- The competency framework of a digital leader.

Overview of digital culture:
- What is culture? Digital culture and its importance.

- Essential factors of a digital culture.
- Methods of building a digital culture.

2 6

Change Management

- The importance of change management.
- Kotter's 8-Step Change Model.
- Practice & discussion.

2 6

DigiTech Team Management

- Basic knowledge of team management.
- Developing leadership qualities and skills in digitech teams.
- Introduction to some essential management skills in digitech team.

2 6
9 Life Management Program (LMP)
(Special Seminar for Chief-Officer Programs)
2 6
10 Final Exam 1 3
* Graduation Ceremony * *
  TỔNG CỘNG 20 60
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