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Today’s market is increasingly competitive and volatile. Organizational changes to adapt to the market have become an urgent need and question of businesses. As a saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is change”. The sooner companies can make relevant and strategic changes, the sooner they will be able to be at the forefront of the competition, succeed and grow.

However, identifying and making good organizational changes is not simple. Changes are sometimes even harder to make, especially at long-established companies since it is tougher to adjust their old working ways.

It is known that the success of a business lies in their ability to change their mindsets, identifying tools and methods to discover them, and implementing the change effectively. To achieve that goal, change management is not sufficient. Organizations also need to lead change successfully.

PACE Institute of Management is offering this special training program to provide senior executives and managers with important knowledge, tools and methodologies in managing and leading change. 

Program's information


  • Business owners, members of board of directors, senior leaders, divisional heads and middle managers;
  • Executives in charge of leading and managing change in the organization, branches or divisions.


The program is aimed to help the participants:

  • Recognize current changes in business environment, problems and challenges causing partial or fragmented change;
  • Learn to identify impact zones and factors to make change effectively in a corporate environment;
  • Understand the mindset, toolset and methods to manage and lead change.

Program's content

Part I. Nature of change

  • Current changes in business environment;
  • Causes of partial or undesired change;
  • Nature and principles of change;
  • Goals of change management.

Part II. Identifying areas affected by change

  • Principles to identify areas affected by change;
  • Specific impact areas of change:
  • Nature of impact areas of change;
  • Practice;
  • Analysis and conclusion.
  • Guidelines of selecting impact areas of change.

Part III. Change management

  • Understanding of change management models;
  • Principles of using change management models:
  • Methods of using change management models:
  • Methods of managing change;
  • Methods of leading change;
  • Methods of sustaining change.
    • Realities and key points of change management;
    • Discussing and practicing case studies and role plays;
    • Analyzing and sharing experience and lessons.

Part IV. Program summary and action plan

  • Program summary;
  • Avoiding mistakes leading to change failures;
  • Action plan after the program.
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