Motivation Skills

Starting Date: 23/06/2024 - Location: HCMC

Starting Date
1.800.000 VND
Discounted Fee
1.500.000 VND
08:30 - 11:30 & 13:30 - 16:30

Special rates are offered when payment is received at least seven (7) days before the course starting date.

Program's message

Motivating others effectively in the workplace is a secret to successful leadership and management. When motivated, employees take their ownership of their work, become more creative, work harder and achieve more satisfying results. Therefore, motivation skills are essential to be successful in the business world.

The "Motivation Skills" program offered by PACE provides you with highly-applicable theories, well-proven methods, and tools for motivating others. This program will help you increase and hone your motivation skills to drive your team and employees to better performance and productivity.

Program's information


  • Executives at senior management levels, including board members, and directors.
  • Middle Managers, functional directors and managers, chiefs/heads and deputy heads of departments.
  • Those who are working in a business environment and wish to strengthen motivation skills.
  • The program is not suitable for participants who are not yet working or have little experience working in a business setting.


After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn essential concepts and tools to build and develop effective motivation skills;
  • Gain in-depth understanding of what causes people to be motivated and passionate about working in a business context;
  • Acquire key principles for creating motivation at work;
  • Understand motivation techniques and methods to drive productivity and performance, and know how to apply them effectively to the working place.


  • Discussions - We provide learners with the context of change through interactions, both amongst the learners and between the trainer and the learners. Rather than the traditional lecture method, the interaction and communication between the groups have proven to be a much more effective and powerful method of learning.
  • Demonstrations - Students conduct case studies, and learn from hands-on activities and through multi-media.
  • Consultative training - Students are provided with the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully apply the skills to manage time effectively for their own business contexts.

Program's content

Part I: Psychology of employees and leaders at work

- Values and attitudes of staffs;
- Professional value system of employees and leaders;
- Attitudes while working of employees and leaders;
- Employees and leaders’ perspectives on organizational environment and culture.

Part II: Role and importance of creating motivation

- Role of a leader & the importance of motivation at work;
- Key factors in building and developing capacity in:

  • Self-motivation;
  • Motivating employees.

- Effects of leadership style on working motivation.

Part III: Principles and processes of motivation

- Applying classic models to analyze factors affecting motivation at work:

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs;
  • McClelland’s Human Motivation theory;
  • Herzberg’s dual factor theory.

- Key principles of motivation;
- Process of motivation.

Part IV: Effective motivation methods

- Redesign/redefine current work;
- Effectively encourage, support, provide feedback and reward;
- Delegate and assign tasks;
- Rotate jobs;
- Stay balanced and driven;
- Develop employees;
- Orientation based on core values.

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