Thinking methods and Problem Solving Skills

Starting Date: 13/08/2024 - Location: HCMC

Starting Date
3.000.000 VND
Discounted Fee
2.500.000 VND
18:00 - 21:00

Special rates are offered when payment is received at least seven (7) days before the course starting date.

Program's message

People often say high risk, high return; and it is a golden rule for all activities. However, in the business environment, it's not only about dealing with challenges and issues but about how thinking capacity and management can turn-around difficult situations effectively.

What happens if the business management solves problems based on anti-scientific methodologies or their emotions?

Whether organization's creditability, financial resources and potential have reached the ultimate level when the management is not aware of how to improve thinking capacity to solve arising problems thoroughly?

How to form and develop scientific and rational thinking instead of being based on habit and emotions? How to make the right, wise, and appropriate decisions addressing arising issues and plan on preventing future similar incidents to happen?

Recognizing the importance thereof and desiring to maximize the potential of each individual in creating the overall strength of the team, PACE School is pleased to introduce to you the training program "Thinking methods and Problem Solving Skills". The program integrates many effectively global-proven technical methods and classical thinking such as Brainstorming, Six Thinking Hats, Mind Map, Breakthrough Thinking.

With knowledge and skills equipped in four sessions, participants will learn how to think and solve arising problems at work effectively and successfully in every situation, particularly in this chaos economy. 

Program's information


  • Top-level executives, including business owners, boards members/Board of Directors and other high-ranking executives
  • Middle Managers - Functional directors and managers, chiefs/heads and deputy heads of departments
  • Those who wish to enhance their training, coaching, and mentoring skills
  • This program is not suitable for those who have not had working experience in the business environment.


After successfully completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance thinking methods and problem solving skills
  • Make effective decision based on scientific critical thinking methodology
  • Have a thorough gasp of potent issues to select and implement effective solutions; understand and apply all the principles, tools and optimal methodologies effectively
  • Be proactive and confident in understanding the problems and making decisions
  • Know how to improve problem solving effectively through "creative thinking" model

Program's content

Part I: Capacity thinking

- Collective thinking
- Analysis thinking
- Logical thinking
- Thinking from generality to specificity, from root to top, from short term to long term

Part II: World classical thinking methodologies and techniques

- Brain-storming technique:

  • Principles of brain-storming;
  • Brain-storming implementation.

- Six thinking hats methodology:

  • Principles;
  • Implementations

- Mind map methodology:

  • Principles;
  • Implementations.

- Breakthrough thinking methodology:

  • Principles;
  • Implementations.

- Other popular methodologies and techniques;

- Integrated techniques and methodologies for improving critical thinking.

Part III: Problem Solving and Decision Making Procedures

- Define problems

  • Classical techniques and tools in identifying issues:
    1. Techniques in recognizing actual problem existence
    2. Techniques in diversifying perspectives 
    3. Brainstorming
  • Different perspective in approaching the problems effectively

- Diagnose and trace problems

  • Classical techniques and tools in diagnosing and identifying root causes of problems
    1. Applying Fishbone diagram
    2. 5Why + 2
  • Important principles to consider

- Create solutions

  • Classical techniques and tools in creating solutions
    1. Thinking ability in creating solutions
    2. Breakthrough thiking in creating alternatives
  • Standards of a feasible solution

- Select and implement solutions

  • Important principles in selecting effective alternatives
  • How to implement optimal solution and things to pay attention to

Part IV: Improve problem solving by creativities

- Philosophy of creativity in problem solving
- Criteria in an actual creative solution
- Creative methodologies in improving effectiveness in problem solving

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