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Many interactions in a professional environment involve diverse types of negotiation to reach the optimal solution satisfactorily for all parties involved. Not only do you need to negotiate agreements with vendors or contractors, but also with stakeholders, customers and team members on a daily basis.

Understanding the strong need and importance of negotiating effectiveness, PACE offers the “Successful Negotiation Skills” program. This course provides you with vital knowledge, effective methods, strategies, and techniques so that you are able to develop sophisticated negotiation skill, creating your own style, achieving desired results and building strong relationships.

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  • Executives at senior management levels, board members, and directors;
  • Middle Managers - Functional directors and managers, chiefs/heads and deputy heads of departments;
  • Those who wish to strengthen their bargaining and negotiating skills.


After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of bargaining and negotiation in business;
  • Understand different types of negotiation and creatively apply  negotiation skills, methods, and techniques into reality to reach the highest outcome;
  • Understand the process of negotiation and vital negotiation skills;  
  • Overcome barriers and optimize factors in negotiation;
  • Promoting collective strength in bargaining and negotiation.

Program's content

Part I. Role of negotiation in business

Part II. Types of negotiation

  • A distributive negotiation;
  • Integrative negotiation;
  • Multi-stage and multi-party bargaining and negotiation;
  • New innovative method;
  • 10 ways to develop innovative ideas in bargaining and negotiation;
  • Other types of negotiation;
  • Confrontation or collaboration?

Part III. Process and skills of bargaining and negotiation

  • Steps of a bargaining and negotiation process;
  • Effective strategies during the negotiation session;
  • Common problems in bargaining and negotiation tactics;
  • Bargaining and negotiating skills.

Part IV. Barriers and the factors affecting bargaining and negotiation

  • Barriers to agreement;
  • Flaws of thinking;
  • Importance of relationships;
  • Emotions in negotiation;
  • Positive influence in negotiation;
  • Negative influence in negotiation;
  • Factors affecting emotions in negotiation;
  • Effects of emotions from other parties;
  • Common cultural effects in (international) negotiations;
  • Language barriers- Non-verbal behaviors;
  • Special negotiating behaviors corresponding to different cultures;
  • Differences in management values ​​applicable to negotiation (objectivity, competitiveness, fairness, time);
  • Differences in thinking processes and decision making;
  • Implications from a decision-maker to a negotiator.

Part V. Collective Negotiation

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